Predator 1330 – NSF 61 Certified Gasket and Seal – 02.00″ (2″)


PREDATOR 1330 gaskets and seals are made using a NSF 61 approved formulation of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) to meet the requirements of ASTM D1330-04. This compound is well-suited for creating ANSI/AWWA flange gaskets and custom molded seals used in potable (drinking) water applications.

PREDATOR 1330 is available in molded sheets, which are suitable for flat gasket production. Additionally, specialty shapes and sizes can be achieved through compression and injection molds for exclusive OEM applications in pumps, valves, and filtration products. PREDATOR 1330 can also be extruded into extended lengths, such as tubing, cord, or custom profile shapes.

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NSF-61-Certified-Gasket Seal

Certified to NSF/ANSI 61
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Temperature Rating:
Max -40F / -40C
Min to Max +275F / +135C

Pressure Rating:
Range 150 psig / 10.4 bar
Pref Max 250 psig / 17.3 bar

Dielectric Strength 20.1 kv/mm
ASTM D-149 510.5 volts/mil

This gasket compound material meets both the strict requirements of NSF-61 standard and the ASTM D1330 Grade 1 Class A and B standards for use in drinking water systems.

Chemical Resistance:
It is resistant to mild chemicaals and can be used in applications where exposure to chemicals is expected.

High Dielectric Values:
Rubber compounds without carbon black tend to have higher dielectric strength and lower electrical conductivity.

Excellent Sealing Properties:
The material has excellent sealing properties, making it ideal for sealing applications.

Wide Temperature Range:
It can operate in a wide temperature range, from -40°C to + 121 °C (-40°F to +250°F).

Good Weathering Resistance:
The material has good weathering resistance and can withstand exposure to UV rays and ozone.

Tabbed Gasket:
Product Code, Material, Size and Class information on gasket tab for easy identification and installation.